first phase


Second phase

Two stage open “architectural competition of ideas for the old port of Limassol”

Status: shortlisted, commendation award

Principle Architects Maria Hadjisoteriou, Nadia Charalambous

Landscape architect: Krystallia Kamvasinou

Collaborator: Andreas Spanos student

Location: Limassol

Date: 2002-2004

This project was awarded with a commendation prize in a two phase architectural competition in Cyprus in 2004. The first phase was an open design ideas competition where programmatic possibilities and potential development of the old port of Limassol was the aim of the brief. We were selected in the five teams that where short listed to pass at the second stage.

The proposal aim was to answer to the dense built environment that was required by the brief, which was going to cut all access to the old port area of Limassol. By introducing the idea of accessible rooftops, the fourth dimension of the building was viewed as a landscape, a sculptural viewing platform, acting as an alternative public space that reclaims the ground and gives it back to the urban user.

The main objective of the proposal is to upgrade the existing area as a fully functional fishing area co-existing with gathering and recreation areas and organically connect the site with reference points in the surrounding neighbourhood. The proposed sites function as self-sufficient urban spaces with their own functions - uses as well as spaces integrated into the wider whole of the city centre.

At the same time, direct contact with the aquatic element is a key objective that is achieved through the design of plateaus that extend over the surface of the sea, and floodplains and paths on elevated levels that extend over the water and the existing breakwaters in order to ensure unobstructed visual contact with the water plane. Furthermore the possibility of using the ceilings of the proposed buildings as staging and viewing areas strengthen even more the relationship with the water awareness and activities.