InB2IN Studio

INB2IN studio is a Nicosia based Architecture Studio founded by Maria Hadjisoteriou; a small studio with environmental awareness that works closely with its clients, aiming to achieve tailored projects on the specific needs of the user, the actual conditions of the site, with an emphasis on the spatial qualities that emerge. The ambiance of space and the relation of the building to its surroundings and its urban context with a focus on creating spatial conditions where the user is in the core of the design process is of interest to us.

The name of the studio derived from the notion of the “in-between”, MA in Japanese culture. Maria’s influence from the Japanese notion of MA is evident in her work, giving importance to the relation that derives between matters; an investigation between interior – exterior juxtaposition of space, temporary – permanent scenarios of inhabitation, material – immaterial qualities of interior space, and contrasting conditions between natural –built elements and textures.

Architecture is seen not as the design of an object but as the handling and formation of these “in-between” architectural components, that can become more significant than the design of the object itself.

INB2IN studio aims to offer unique design ideas through a creative process of experimentation by Working INB2IN scales, from a micro to a macro; INB2IN practice and academia; INB2IN fields, urban, interior, architecture, jewelry, photography, ikebana.

The work of Maria Hadjisoteriou has been awarded various architectural prizes in Local and European competitions. Among them is the Europan 9 Sterra project with a runner up prize (2nd place) , The Kalinikion Town Hall and Museum of Athienou 1st prize, The development of the historical center of Agia Fila 2nd prize – implementation, The Regeneration of the Old Core of Strovolos 3rd prize, and the project of Easylove has been selected by Peter Cook to be exhibited in the Biennale 2008 Cyprus Pavilion.

INB2IN studio’s work involve private commission as well as public projects, such as the Kalinikion town hall of Athienou, the development of the historical center of Agia Fila, the Europan 9 Sterra project.



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Maria Hadjisoteriou

Principal Architect at INB2INSTUDIO Architectural Office, Associate Professor, Architecture Department, University of Nicosia



Maria Hadjisoteriou is an architect since 1995 and she is currently holding the position of an Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture, University of Nicosia. Maria was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. She received her Diploma in Architecture, Dip-Arch , from the National Technical University of Athens, N.T.U.A. Maria was awarded the “Monbusho” Japanese Scholarship for her postgraduate and Master Studies in Japan, at MIE University. Japanese Culture highly influenced her Professional Work and Research as well as the way she views Life.

Japanese Eastern philosophy and the concept of MA , Interval , that is closely related to Phenomenology theories as well as the importance of Perception, seen as a main ingredient for the Design Process is a key driving force in her research.

Maria’s main focus is “research by design”, applied research is in the core of her investigation that aims to bridge theory and practice both in pedagogy and professional work. Maria’s current research interests parallel to issues of perception, include social sustainability in an urban context, seen from the viewpoint of programming, hybridity, user center design and ephemerality.

Urban awareness parallel to innovative living conditions and intangible qualities in Architecture act as a driving concept in designing between scales, from the city scale to the object scale, a main design instigator that is evident in her work and teaching.

Maria participated in a number of competitions in collaboration with other architects, in Cyprus and abroad, where she was awarded with a number of prizes

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Afra Omidi

Junior Architect


short bio

Afra is a young talented architect. She has completed her professional Diploma in Architecture, DipArch, from the University of Nicosia in 2017. Her Diploma project was focusing on the Fluid and ever changing character of topography within the buffer zone of Nicosia.  Mapping of deterioration and structure decay revealed an archeological value of the given site that drove the design strategy. During her 4th year of studies Afra got awarded with an honourable mention with her team entry project ‘dens(e)topia’ for the international Hamburg Hybrid housing competition. She is currently working as a Junior Architect at INB2INSTUDIO architectural office.

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George Kartsakas

Junior Architect


short bio

George is a young talented architect graduated with cum laude honours degree, Dip Arch, from the University of Nicosia in 2017. His Diploma project was exploring the notion of a war tourism as an alternative inserted programme within the buffer zone of Nicosia. Cataloguing of war infrastructure in detail generated new building typologies for inhabitation. During his 4th year of studies George received two international awards, an honourable mention with his team entry project ‘dens(e)topia’ for the Hamburg Hybrid housing competition and the ‘alternative typologies’ award for his individual project ‘augmented living’ in D3: housing for tomorrow competition. He is currently working as a Junior Architect at INB2INSTUDIO architectural office.



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