European architectural competition for “the Creation of The Cultural Village of Lempa

Status: design proposal, commendation award

Principle architects: Maria Hadjisoteriou, Angela Kyriacou Petrou, Margarita Danou, Sevina Floridou

Collaborators: graduates of Architecture, University of Nicosia: Ourania Apserou, Maria Ioannou, Christina Demetriou, Nataly Papantreou

Location: Lempa village, Paphos, Cyprus

Date: 2016

Client: Local Authorities of Lempa village

axons lemba.jpg
plan 01 moments.jpg

The competition brief focused on the improvement of the cultural village of Lempa, by introducing a Multi-Use Center for Art Education focusing on painting and pottery. The new facilities include, workshop areas, artists in residence facilities, exhibition areas and temporary residences for high school students and teachers.

Our proposal begins with a recording of the layers of history and landscape scattered in the village, a juxtaposition of archaeological findings, topography alongside equally valuable modern art, by the Stass Paraschos’ Cyprus College.

moments interior.jpg

The main concept built on integrating existing permanent and temporary uses, spaces and experiences and adding new components and functions in order to create a unique identity, an amalgam of the old and the new. A central spine, a wooden frame structure, runs along the two sites of the project, creating an alternative cultural path within the building and through the village streetscape, allowing the artists to appropriate it, the visitors to walk through the different activities and the structure to be related to old and new volumes, adjust to topography and filter degrees of privacy. This choreography of movement, pausing and working having the artifacts and trees as a background, gets projected to the facade of the street through layers of transparency and permeability.