T.s house

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Single Family Residence

Status: design proposal, implementation

Principle Architect: Maria Hadjisoteriou

Consultant: Tonia Sophocleous structural engineer

Location: Engomi, Nicosia, Cyprus

Date: 2000-2002

Clients requirements

  • House for a family of 5 ( with 4 bedrooms)

  • Ability to divide the house in two separate houses as future scenario

  • Additional space for future development (1-2 apartments)


Design principles:

  • The house was designed in L shape allowing a large open space which act as the garden and children’s playground for the current habitation of the house and allows the possibilities for the future extension.

  • The organization arrangement of the L shape allows for the future separation of the house into two units consisting from ground floor (living areas) and first floor (sleeping areas), while maintaining autonomy.

  • The building was designed with a primary focus on the views toward the eucalyptus trees. Cross visibility from the public green area to the interior of the house and through to the private garden also becomes an organisational strategy, as these open views are becoming zones which separate the now juxtapositioned enclosed volumes of specific functions.

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Characteristic of the site

  • A pedestrian street with a linear green of eucalyptus trees - North west

  • Wind Direction in Nicosia - West

  • Main street and entrance to plot - South west

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